Changes in the New Year

John writes: 

"It is with much reluctance that I announce my last day practicing at American Artificial Limb will be January 5th, 2018.  Running a small healthcare business the past 8.5 years has been challenging to say the least, but also extremely fulfilling.  This company has given me the opportunity to grow as a clinician in Prosthetics and Orthotics, experiment in design and approach, and positively impact the lives of many patients.  Donn, Erik, and I together have sculpted American Artificial Limb into a modern, friendly, and responsible business that represents our personalities, our caring nature, and our desire to innovate.  I will miss the relationships that have formed here the most as I move on.

Though reluctant, I am also quite excited to start a new extension to my career at Seattle Children’s Hospital.   With two small children of my own, and a need to eliminate the stress of business management, I can now focus more on the well being of my family and use my clinical experience to help children with disability.  My initial year of residency training was in pediatrics, so it feels as though my work has come full circle.

I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to all of my patients who put up with my constant need for conversation and change, and the many healthcare providers with whom I have collaborated.  You have all been so loyal and put so much trust in me over the years.  I have the utmost confidence that you will be well cared for as you continue your Prosthetic and Orthotic relationship with American Artificial Limb Co.  You are in extremely competent hands."


Donn will be covering John's former patients and is also taking new ones at this time. Please feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns about this shift in staffing at AAL.