New Year, New Changes

The last few months have just flown by for the team! We've gotten much more comfortable in the new office space, working out scheduling kinks and settling into the flow of a new location.  Even the snow a couple weeks ago barely put a hitch in our stride. 

One big change has happened; Karen has joined the team at Children's Hospital here in Seattle. She'll get to move forward with her career goals of working with families and children in need of prosthetics and orthotics. So, while we will miss her incredible care, professionalism, and dedication at AAL, we wish her all the success in her new position! 

John and Donn are available by appointment to follow up with any of our patients that used to see Karen, so please don't hesitate to call or email. We look forward to continuing to provide the level of care you've come to expect from us here at American Artificial Limb!